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O-SA Cars Bestla has implemented a sophisticated online car "constructor" tool for this official SAAB dealer in Moscow.

A customer can pick many options out of tens of thousands of different configurations for each model in SAAB car range. There were 5 car makes at that time, which meant that we had to support close to a hundred thousand different configurations.

Options included features such as type of leather on the seats, custom brakes, rim size, spoilers, headlights of various color and size, gearbox type, engine type and size, and many others.

O-SA CarsThe end result could be saved, sent as an email or simply passed on as a normal link; This aspect of the tool was perfect for allowing further action to be taken at the dealership.

Building the tool involved categorising several gigabytes of car images in such a way that could then allow them to be automatically picked up, depending on the configuration of the car a customer has chosen.