Spectre Visuals

Web Development Design

Spectre VisualsSpectre Visuals (www.spectrevisuals.com.au) specialises in the creation of 3D marketing images specifically for property development and off plan real estate sales.

This client asked us to write front-end and back-end for their website based on a template they had. What they wanted was essentially a simple generic gallery with a few extra pages.

We offered to them to go a step further and get a custom design in prder to implement one of the ideas that they had. The gallery was to still remain as the main point of the website, but the central idea would be an animation based on the real work process.

Spectre VisualsThe focus of the website is the transition from a house plan to a finalised 3D image. The animation shows the parts of the final image and gives a rough idea of the digital prototyping process.

The final result is simple and clean just as they wanted. For clarity and simplicity the extra pages were disregarded and replaced with small popup boxes with text.

Spectre Visuals was thrilled with the result, and the website received many positive remarks from their clients and prospects. We are proud to say it is one of the best websites in the industry of architectural visualisation.