Microsoft Microsoft is one of the global leaders in enterprise software market. Windows operating system is installed on more than 700 million office computers around the world. 64% of businesses choose Microsoft Exchange as their primary means of electronic communication around the office and with clients. More than 150 million workers make use of Sharepoint daily for colaboration and document management.

Software solutions based on Microsoft technologies are our absolute priority. Great choice of products, technologies and massive community enable us to build optimal solutions for any business.

Our experience with Microsoft stetches more than 10 years, and we have collectively worked on all kinds of projects, starting from Excel macros to complex business-wide Dynamics solutions, accessed by thousands of employees across continents. Our company actively participates in beta-testing of new products, and constantly monitors the market for new ideas and technologies. Our knowledge growth helps our clients' businesses grow too.

Here is a sample list of technologies that we currently work with.